Who wants to play football with me?

Who Am I? Edit

I am famous for my movie The Room

I was raised by Uwe Boll's father Sir Isaac Boll The Third. I was also brothers with Doctor Emmet Brown who raised me since i was a little Wiseau. My old name was Tommy Brown till my stepdad changed it to wiseau. I don't know why but its funny!

The Room Edit

The Room is a masterpiece, hah. I star in it and show my ass, hah! It was originally going to be an independent porno, hah! But then the cops walked in and said someone said I was raping someone, hah! I then told them it was an independent movie because independent porn is illegal unless you are married! So, I came up with a sex filled story that is based on my life. In it my girlfriend Lisa starts fucking my bestfriend Mark, hah! I then go play football with my drug hookup Denny! I then go drink coffee and ask about friend's sex life. He then says he cannot tell me which is bullshit. That scene is really part of a documentary. I put that scene in because I thought it was funny that he was embarassed by his sex life, hah! I then find out Lisa is telling people that I hit her. I then won a piece of dog shit for a line in which I say. "I did naht hit her! It's all bullshit! I did naht hit her! I did NAHT! Oh hai Mark!" They said it was the greatest piece of acting ever! Anyway then I walk into Mark and Lisa and then kill myself, hah. That is after throwing a temper tantrum hah! Lisa and Mark have sex over my body and it's funny hah! It won me a round award in the shape of a raspberry. I think it's called an Oscar. I won five of them! One for Acting, One for Writing, One for Directing, One for Producing. And because I am the greatest actor to ever live Lifetime Achievement! All for one film! There was also a game for the movie! You can play it down here, but it takes away a lot of the drama of the movie....

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